Our start

From personalized gift card holders to surprise trip ticket to sports games, concerts and broadway show reveals, Kaci Bella Designs provides personalized printable gifts --- editable digital downloads to make your gift giving, party planning and surprise reveals personal and thoughtful.

As a mother of three, I found myself crafting items for the kids, for their classrooms and for their sports teams. As they grew, so did the push to more and more of a digital world. And with more digital was less personalized elements. Gift cards have become the easy, go-to and most appreciated gifts --- but impersonal. Tickets, whether to concerts, sports games or even musical theatre, more often than not, are only digital. There is no longer an item to wrap. And long gone are the days of a physical boarding pass to get on a plane. Along with it are opportunities and experiences that my husband provided me such as hiding a plane ticket under a new swimsuit. So.... Kaci Bella Designs was initiated to marry my developed crafting skills with the needs of personalizing our current digital environment.

The company launched in April 2019 through Etsy. The reception was incredible. So in May 2020, we launched our own website to manage all of the items we have developed. These items are all instant digital downloadable documents that enable buyers to edit them to provide a personalized experience, and focus on surprise gifts or gift reveals.

My husband and I welcome you to the Kaci Bella Designs family and hope you enjoy your experience.