Welcome to the Kaci Bella Designs family. We truly appreciate your patronage. It is our hope that we will help make your gift giving, party planning and surprise reveals personal and thoughtful.

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Download Product

Immediately after payment processing you will receive a download link. Click the link. From your laptop or desktop computer, choose the location on your computer where you would like to save the file. If a specific location is not designated, most computers will save the file to your downloads folder. Remember, the file is yours to use over and over again. We suggest storing it in a location where you will be able to find it again later.



Edit Product

Adobe Acrobat Reader

To personalize your product, please open the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat comes standard with most PC computers. If you don’t have it, not to worry. It can be downloaded for free at get.adobe.com/reader. Mac users will need to install Adobe Reader as Preview will not work for our products. Mobile phones and tablets will also not work.

IMPORTANT: Ensure to save the document to your computer then close your browser. Go to the file and open it with Adobe Reader. Opening the file within the browser will void edit functionality.

Edit Text

All of our products contain sample text. Sometimes this text is personalized examples such as names or dates, team or concert names or locations. Other times, this text says something like “add your personalized message here”. Regardless of the format, there is text available to show you where to personalize your product. Text used in the design, such as the title or field headers are typically not editable. Refer to the product listing to identify which text can be edited.

To personalize the text on your product, highlight the text that you will change. Once highlighted, simply starting typing. Tab between entries.

Text Size

The editable field areas in our products are sized to accommodate the product design. In most cases, the text will automatically size to fit your text. The more text, the smaller the font will be made to accommodate.

A plus (+) sign indicates that you’ve run out of space. Before shortening your entry, double check that you do not have any extra return or enter entries in the text.

Photo or Logo Upload

Some of our products feature an editable photo or logo option. To upload your photo or logo, ensure the browser is closed and the file opened from within Adobe Reader. (As noted above, upload functionality will not work if the file is opened within the browser window.) Click on the photo or logo area. Select browse button and find your desired photo or logo and then select ok. Your file will appear in the designated space.

Save File

Use the SAVE button to save the edit changes to your work. Use the SAVE AS button to save different versions of your file. Both options are available under FILE on the menu.

Print Product


Our products have all been designed to fit US letter (8.5” x 11”) sized paper but A4 sized paper will work great for our friends in Europe, Asia and Australia. For best results, cardstock, heavy photo matte or similarly weight paper works best. The thicker the paper, the sturdier the output but also the more difficult it may be for your printer to print. We also recommend always using bright white. Colored paper can change the effect of the design.

Printer Settings

To print, select the print icon or choose PRINT from the FILE option on the menu. Choose “Actual Size” or 100% from the size options.

For two-sided products, ensure two-sided is selected under page setup. For most printers, edge-binding will print the correct orientation. If the graphic is upside down, switch the edge orientation.

Please remember that different printer settings, paper and ink type and quality of your printer will impact the output of your product.

Image Printing Issues

Occasionally images do not print from Adobe.  It's a feature to avoid wasted ink.  Unfortunately, it is sporadic on when it's applied.  To resolve, Adobe instructions say to use the "print as image" function in Adobe. There is a button in the print area to click. More info

Printing at a Print or Copy Shop

Personal printing at local print or copy shops such as Costco, Staples, Office Depot or FedEx Kinkos is authorized by Kaci Bella Designs. The process for printing is governed by them. Most of our products have a note in the footer providing authorization. If your product does not have the authorization, please reach out to us at Etsy messenger or at support@kacibelladesigns.com and we will be happy to provide the needed documentation.

Printing to JPEG or PNG

Our products were designed for a physical output. To print to JPEG or PNG to enable an electronic output, choose EXPORT TO > IMAGE > JPEG or EXPORT TO > IMAGE > PNG from the File menu. This will create an electronic version of the file. You will need to use edit software to crop the file around the product of your choice. (As electronic output is not a designed function of our products, cropping is not a process that we support.) Once the product has been cropped it can be added to email or other electronic formats.

Assemble Product

Cut around the outer edge of the product with scissors. The scissors icon on the product will get you started. For items with holes in the middle, such as gift tags, also cut out the hole or use an appropriately sized hole punch.

To place graphic elements above your gifts, such as on gift card holders where the graphic element should reside on top of the gift card, use an exacto or sharp knife to cut along the graphic element. Tuck the gift card under the element and secure with a piece of tape to the back.

Refer to the product listings for instructions for more specific items instructions such as folding our gift sleeves or setting up bingo cards.

Special Instructions

Bingo Cards

All bingo card squares come pre-populated with 72 uniquely arranged theme associated items that can be customized using Adobe Reader. The first three cards control all of the remaining cards. Simply edit items on the first three cards:

  • Page 1 left card
  • Page 1 right card
  • Page 2 left card

All supplemental cards will automatically be updated when changes are made to the squares on these cards. For a traditional bingo game, print out an extra copy of the these first three cards to use for drawing.

Need more cards?  Simply rearrange the items on the first three cards. (All 72 items need to be in a unique place.) This will create a new set of cards. Repeat as many times as you would like.


Gift Card Holders

After cutting out the gift card, tape or glue your gift card to the allocated space on the gift card holder. Rubber cement or double-sided tape works best.

If a gift card is covering a design element, trace the graphic element with an exacto knife (where it overlays the gift card). Tuck the card under the graphic and securing card with tape on the back of the card. This will showcase the graphic element and add dimension to the card.

Treat Toppers

For the treat toppers you will need:

  • Sandwich or snack bags (such as Ziploc)
  • Stapler or glue to attach toppers to the bags
  • Candy or party favors to enclose in the bags

After cutting out the treat toppers, use the fold icon as a guide and fold the toppers in half. Fill the bags with goodies -- candy, snacks, toys --- and close the bags. After filling, secure the treat toppers to the bag. Staples work best but double-sided tape, or rubber cement will also work.


  • After cutting out the envelopes, use the fold icon to guide you to fold the envelop in half. Then fold the tab back.
  • Use double-sided tape, glue or rubber cement to attach the tabs to the right side of the envelope.
  • Insert your gift ticket, voucher, boarding pass or cash into the slot produced by the tab.

Rewards Program

We hope you love your purchase and invite you to join our REWARDS PROGRAM. Here you will receive great offers --- we often give away free products –- as well as access to many items not offered on our Etsy shop!
















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