This is an instant download and contains sample data.  After purchase, you will need to download the item, edit the sample data and print.  

Here's how:


  • Download the file and save to your laptop or desktop computer.


  • Open file in Adobe Reader.  Adobe is standard with most computer or free on their website.  Mac users will need to install Adobe Reader (not Preview).
  • Double click the document to display the editable fields.
  • Type over the sample data to your personalized information.

NOTE:  For editable fields, only the wording of the text may be altered; font type, color and size is predefined and can not be changed. 


  • Print on card stock or photo paper.  Bright white works best. Choose "Actual size" or 100%.  For double-sided items, ensure the long-edge bind is selected.

Cut Out & Assemble

  • Cut out the item by tracing around the outer most line.
  • Cut out the hole.  For gift tags, a hole punch works well.
  • For gift tags, pull a string or ribbon through the hole and attach to the gift.
  • For wine bottle tags, place the tag over the neck of the wine bottle and gently fold the tag at the fold line.